News of the week of December 9, 2014

Meeting report: November 11, 2014

We played:

Meeting report: November 18, 2014

We played:

Meeting report: November 25, 2014

We played:

  • Lots of duets from “Il primo libro a due voci” of Lupacchino
    and Tasso
  • Byrd, Susannah fair

Meeting report: December 2

We played:

  • Mendelsson, Nocturne from a Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Hymn tune warmups
  • Josquin, Fama Malum
  • Janequin, La Guerre

Meeting report: December 9

We played:


We continue to meet as usual on Tuesday evenings at 7:45 PM at
233 Broadway, Cambridge. We have agreed to meet on December 23;
we will still discuss whether there will be a meeting on December 30.


The annual party will be on January 1, starting at 4 pm. As
usual, we’ll eat and drink until there’s critical mass for
playing, then sing and play for a while, then eat and drink some

I will produce (more) formal invitations soon, but please start
telling everybody you know to bring everybody they know.

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