Welcome Maia

I just adopted Maia from Buddy Dog no-kill shelter in Sudbury.”
She’s 1-2 years old. They say she’s a beagle-boxer mix, but after I was hooked they mentioned that someone might think she had some pit bull somewhere.
She and her sister belonged to a homeless person, who couldn’t take care of them and left them somewhere, where Animal Control picked them up and brought them to Buddy Dog.
She was Mia at the shelter, but I modified it to Maia, because her cousin Orion is a constellation (as well as a mighty hunter), and Maia was one of the Pleiades. Also the mother of Hermes and the foster-mother of another of Zeus’ children, whose own mother Hera turned into a bear.
So far, so good. She was good in the car, and hasn’t destroyed anything, and liked the quick tour of the dog park (with no other dogs) I gave her on the way home from the shelter.

Maia on adoption day

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