News of the week of November 24, 2015

[river valley]

(non)Meeting report

With people out of town and rehearsing for other groups and
having just returned from being out of town, we didn’t have a
quorum for a regular meeting.

However, there was a 5-part piece we’d been wanting to
proofread for a while, so two of us joined 3 players at John
Tyson’s place and proofread Valle che de’ lamenti miei
se’ piena
by Giaches de Wert


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45pm at 233
Broadway, Cambridge.

Party planning

The January 1 date for our annual party has been working out
well. But this year, January 1 is a Friday, and I don’t see that
the Saturday or Sunday would be any worse than the Friday. So let
me know if you’d prefer to come on one of those dates instead of
January 1.

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