New theme on


I got a notification that there was a new WordPress version
available, so I updated my blog. This is normally a good idea,
since WordPress puts a lot of work into fixing security bugs not
too long after the hackers find them.

In this case, it turned out that my theme was incompatible with
the new version, and none of the menus worked. This could
probably have been fixed, but my theme was a bit of homemade CSS
on top of a theme than hasn’t been maintained for several years,
so I decided to just go to the latest offically approved theme
and customize it.

I think what I have is inoffensive, and some time when I need a
Friday afternoon art project, I may make it better.

Meanwhile, if there’s anything from the old theme that isn’t
there that you miss, let me know, and I can probably put it back.

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