News of the week of March 22, 2016

Meeting Report

[David with harp]

We played:


We are theoretically meeting every Tuesday at 7:45 pm at 233
Broadway, Cambridge.

Please let me know by Monday night if you would like to come.

Other playing opportunities

If you want to go to the Boston Recorder
on April 2, you should register by March 28. This is
so that when the teeming hordes come, there will be enough
coaches, not to mention enough donuts.

Walk for Hunger

We have not been invited this year. The website shows no
evidence that anyone else has been invited, either. The place we
normally play is a construction site at the moment. It’s also
been increasingly difficult to get a critical mass of people to do
enough rehearsing to put on a program.

So my sense is we aren’t playing there this year. If there are
people who would like to get together somewhere along the route
and play impromptu music, let me know and I’ll see what I can

I feel that doing occasional performances has been an important
feature of this group, so if you’re interested in discussing other
possible ideas for performing (preferably in informal settings
involving food and drink rather than formal concerts), let me know.

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