So far, so good

Betweeen how busy you are when you aren’t exhausted, and how
bad the network connection is, I probably won’t be posting very
much this week, but I did want to assure people that things are
going well at the Amherst
Early Music Festival.

I have mixed feelings about being “upgraded” to the
air-conditioned dorm — I’d really rather have my fan and an open
window than the noise of the air-conditioner, but the elevator and
the handicapped accessibility are good.

The double serpent case is as wonderful as I hoped it would
be. The new dorm is enough farther away from the center of things
that I’m using the wheels even though it isn’t really that

I seem to have landed serpent-friendly coaches this year, so my
cornetto lip was used, but not overused, yesterday.

The cornetto class is particularly good — there are five of us
and yesterday’s lesson on breathing was immediately useful in my
later classes.

One of the cornetto players, whom I met in 2010, has since taken
up serpent, and so the Collegium has a serpent section!!!

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