News of the week of December 13, 2016

Meeting Report

We played:

  • Praetorius: In dulci jubilo (two settings), Von Himmel hoch da comm ich
    her, Nu komm der Heyden Heilandt
  • Campian,
    winter nights enlarge
  • Christmas carol arrangements by Charlton and Clemens


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45 pm at 233
Broadway, Cambridge, as long as enough people have told me by
Monday night that they want to come.


Our annual party will take place on Sunday, January 1, starting
at 4pm. I will be sending pointers to hard copy invitations
soon. In the meanwhile, please invite your friends, especially
anyone who might be interested in joining us on Tuesdays.

Let me know if you can come, and if you’d like to contribute to
the food and drink.

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