News of the weeks of May 2 and May 9, 2017


Meeting Reports

May 2

We played the program for the Walk for Hunger, i.e. the same
pieces we played Last
, except that we did fewer rounds and more Susato.

May 9

We played:

Performance report

A lot of good things happened: it didn’t pour rain; there was a
critical mass of recorder players to just read through a lot of
music arranged for SATB recorders; we seemed to have
rehearsed the group set sufficiently.

On the minus side, the wind was very hard to deal with, and
between the people who were performing without rehearsing and the
people who had rehearsed but weren’t performing much, some of the
careful orchestrations got lost.

But on the whole, everyone had fun, and the crowd and the Walk
organisers seemed to appreciate us. The organisers gave us a huge
box of Entenmans blueberry muffins in one-ounce packages, about
half of which are still in a box on my dining room floor. They have a
sell-by date of June 17, so if anyone wants some, please come take


We meet on Tuesdays, starting at 7:45pm, at 233 Broadway,
Cambridge, as long as enough people have told me they plan on
coming by Monday night.

The next modification to that schedule that I know about will
be on June 13, which is the Boston Early
Music Festival
week. We will not meet on that day.

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