News of the week of February 27, 2018

Meeting report

We played:

Old man crying
An old man crying; half-length, bearded, eyes closed, standing behind a table, holding a handkerchief with his right hand and wiping tears; proof before letters.
Etching, printed in brown ink
Print made by: Francesco Bartolozzi, after Guercino


We meet Tuesdays at 7:45 pm, at 233 Broadway, Cambridge, as
long as enough people have told me by Monday night that they want
to come.

Walk for Hunger

Plans for the Walk for Hunger are coming along. We have a
quartet who will be alternating sets with us, so
everyone will have breaks long enough to get to
the bathroom.

It’s on May 6, and we’ll be playing from 11 to 4. If you can
come, please let me know soon.

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