News of the week of December 3, 2019

Meeting report

We played:


We meet every
Tuesday at 7:45pm at 233 Broadway, Cambridge. Please let me know
by the previous Monday night if you are planning to come on

We will not meet on December 24, Christmas Eve.

We may not meet on December 31, New Years Eve, on the grounds
that people either have party invitations or
prefer to stay home rather than share the roads with the
people with the party invitations. But this may be an
old-fashioned point of view, so if some people want to
meet, I’m happy to do so.


Louvre-Lens - L'Europe de Rubens - 004 - Vierge à l'Enfant entourée des saints Innocents (A)

Based on the feedback from last week’s poll, it looks like
Saturday, December 28, is the best date for this year’s
party. So if anyone knows of traditional revelry for
celebrating the Feast of the Holy Innocents, you should
let me know about it, since I don’t.

It’s the usual drill – we alternate eating and drinking with
singing and playing (some people continue to eat and drink
in the living room while the singing and playing happens
in the dining room). This starts at 4 in the afternoon,
and goes on until people leave. If you’ve been thinking
about coming on Tuesday, this might be an easier way to
break the ice, since you’ll know a lot of the music.

Please come, and bring your friends and family. There are invitations,
which you can print.


Miyuki Tsurutani, organ, and members of the Boston Recorder
, Renaissance recorders, will play a concert
on Monday December 9th, 2019 at 7:30PM, First Church, 11 Garden St, Cambridge


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