News of the week of January 21, 2020

Meeting report

Petrarch, Laura, and Cupid


We meet every
Tuesday at 7:45pm at 233 Broadway, Cambridge. Please let me know
by the previous Monday night if you are planning to come on

We will be playing the Walk
for Hunger
on May 3 from 11 to 4. Please
let me know by early March if you would like
to participate.

Upcoming concerts

There will be a Gabrielli concert organized by Bodie Pfost on
Sunday, January 26 at 7:30 pm at the First
Lutheran Church of Boston, 299 Berkeley

Stile Moderno
will be playing their
concert “Dilettare e
muovere: Virtuoso Performances of the Sixteenth Century” on Friday,
February 7, at the Friends Meeting House, 5
Longfellow Park, Cambridge.

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