News of the week of January 14, 2020

Meeting report


We meet every
Tuesday at 7:45pm at 233 Broadway, Cambridge. Please let me know
by the previous Monday night if you are planning to come on

Save the date

[Walk for Hunger, May 2019]

The Walk for Hunger
people have already asked if we want to play this
year on the first Sunday in May. I asked as people were going out the door
last week and there were no cries of “Not on your
life”, so I have told them we will.

For those who don’t know, the Walk for Hunger brings out
30-40,000 people who walk by the spot where we
play on the banks of the Charles River, on the
Cambridge-Watertown line. When it’s good May
weather, it’s delightful, but we do ask people to
commit to playing even if it rains or snows.

They’ve already sent me the form to fill out about how many
people are playing and what size t-shirts they

I won’t expect a definite commitment until we actually start
rehearsing, but if you think now that it’s
something you would want to do on Sunday, May 3
from 11am to 4pm, let me know. If you don’t want
me to make up a t-shirt size for you, tell me
that, too.

The last few years we’ve been playing on Tuesdays with a fairly small
group, so we’ve welcomed ringers to come perform
with us even if they couldn’t come to very many
rehearsals. This year we are blessed with a
number of enthusiastic new members, so I think
we’ll have the luxury of performing with the same
people we rehearse with.

So my current plan is to spend a fair amount of March and April
rehearsing a 45 minute program. If you’ve played
with us before and already know a lot of our
music, you should plan to come to the Tuesday,
April 28th rehearsal, and hopefully one or two
more. If you don’t know our repertoire, you
should sign up only if you think you can come on
a substantial number of Tuesdays in March and April.

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