News of the week of April 7, 2020

Meeting report

We played:

Oude vrouw in gebed, objectnr SA 7369


We’ve been meeting with some of the people who consider
themselves family, and have been having enough contact over the
last few weeks that playing music together doesn’t increase our
risk of getting a virus by much if any. If you want to be
considered family (with all the rights and responsibilities that
entails), you’re welcome to come, too.

In any case, whenever this is over, we will resume meeting for
anyone who wants to come on
Tuesdays at 7:45 pm at 233 Broadway, Cambridge. I will not
predict when that will happen, but all the places I know to go for
music workshops in the summer have cancelled this summer.

Remote learning and studying opportunities

The UMass department of Music and Dance is presenting a
sumposium on the musical legacy of 16th-century Italian poet
Torquato Tasso. Full information is available at

Amherst Early Music
is having a series of online classes on weekends. This weekend’s
are described here.
I’d probably take Liza’s Renaissance Wind Pedagogy if it weren’t
starting in the middle of my sister’s Zoom Easter brunch.

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