News of the week of May 26, 2020

Meeting reports

May 19

We played:

May 26

King James I of Scotland

We played:


The stay at home order is now a safer at
home advisory
. I think this means that as long as we are
fewer than 10 people and can maintain social distance, we can

Obviously, we can’t maintain social distance with 10 people in
my dining room. But we’re currently meeting with two, and I think
we’d be ok with one or two more, if there were people who wanted
to come. Of course, I trust that none of you would come if you
were sick, or had recently been exposed to someone who was.

So, let me know by Monday night if you want to come on
Tuesday. If too many people want to come, I’ll tell the later
responders that they missed their chance.

The meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM, at 233 Broadway, Cambridge.

Another option would be to find an outdoor space, where the
distancing would be easier, and even if it weren’t, the wind would
disperse the viral load faster. But this raises logistical issues
like chairs and lighting and weather. But if people really wanted
to deal with those issues, we probably could.

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