News of the week of December 14, 2021



We will meet on Tuesday, December 21, at 7:45 pm, at the home of Wendy Goble and Richard Schmeidler in Central Square. Please let me, Wendy, and Richard know if you are coming.


I said last week that we didn’t have any place to hold a holiday party this year. Wendy Goble, who has been hosting our meetings, said that she’d be happy if people came over and partied at her place. I understand that people are stiill (again?) worried about large indoor gatherings, but her place is big enough that our normal turnout wouldn’t end up being so very large, although of course with all the eating and drinking and wind instruments, there might not be as much mask wearing as some people might like.

So we’ll be partying on January 1, starting at 4pm. We’ll sing and play for a while, and eat and drink for a while, and repeat as people want to. Please let me, Wendy, and Richard know if you are coming, and what you’d like to bring to contribute to the food, drink, and music. The music we normally use is in storage, but I will do my best to bring the favorites.

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