News of the week of May 3, 2022


Meeting Report

We played:


It’s unlikely that we’ll meet this Tuesday. Maia is getting an MRI, and I’ll be dealing with the results of that.

But in general we meet on Tuesdays at 7:45 pm at the home of Wendy Goble and Richard Schmeidler in Arlington Center. And you should let me, Wendy, and Richard know if you want to come.


I said last time that both my dog and my computer are broken. Those are both still true, but it isn’t because I haven’t been working to fix them.


The pills they gave her two weeks ago are not working. The pain pills probably still do something, but her mobility is getting worse instead of the kind of better the anti-inflammatory pills are suppposed to accomplish.

Saturday, we woke up and she could no longer use her hind legs at all. So Judy’s been helping me lift her up to places she will be less uncomfortable, but the pain pills, which she’s supposed to take every 8 hours (I’m cheating a bit), are getting her about an hour of comfortable sleep. I was thinking I was able to lift her, but that turns out to be because she was helping with her hind legs. She can’t do that any more.

So given the pills aren’t working, Angell thinks the next step is to give her an MRI. Google seems to think there are treatments which fix this kind of thing. She’s getting the MRI Tuesday. I hope she doesn’t deteriorate further before then.


I found what looks like a bit of a bargain on a used laptop on eBay. I made a small mistake on the shipping address (leaving it Cambridge, instead of changing it to Fall River), and UPS made a giant mistake by refusing to deliver it to Cambridge, and then making it impossible for either me or the seller to get it changed. So it has now been shipped back to the seller, and he will ship it to me in Fall River. With 20/20 hindsight, it would have been better to just cancel the auction and order something else, or this again, but it looks like it will eventually work. I have convinced the contractor to install a lock on my Cambridge door, so they will have to work harder to identify and be mean to homeless refugees.

Meanwhile, I have a workaround for booting my old computer into Linux. so this should look a little more like normal than the last one did, but I still don’t have access to some of the things I could do before it broke.

Date: 2022-04-18 Mon 12:19

Created: 2022-05-08 Sun 22:39


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