Moebius Hat


I always wanted to knit a moebius strip. I did one in college, but it was before I had circular needles, so I had to do it on 7″ double pointed needles, so it ended up too big for a ring but too small for a bracelet.

Now I have circular knitting needles in lots of sizes, and a person named Cat Bordhi has figured out a much better way to cast on a moebius strip than I did in my dorm room in 1972. So when I had lots of yarn left over from the sweater I made last year, I knit myself a moebius hat.

I had originally planned to cast off only half the stitches and with the other half knit a top, but I had a new project calling to me, so I cast it all off. The ribbing makes it cover most of the top, and it wouldn’t be a super-warm hat in any case.

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