Happy 72nd Birthday to me

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes, either in person, by phone, email, or post.


Someone emailed me that 72 is a perfect square (9) times a perfect cube (8).

We had a small dinner party, with roast beef, a good wine that (serendipitously) went very well with the blackberry appetizer, and a chocolate cake.

A friend who couldn’t come to the dinner party because of having covid called. He’s on the Paxlovid, and his symptoms are pretty much gone except that he gets tired with very little exertion.

Someone posted that he hopes my housing situation is resolved.



Not yet, but there is some hope. We got the electricity connected.

This means that soon we can get gas connected (which we requested last May). They wouldn’t do the gas because the first thing they want to do when the gas is connected is test the furnaces, and that requires electricity.

Once we have both gas and electricity, we will have heat, and the people who are doing the floors will be able to do the urethane.

Once the floors are done, we can start moving things in like appliances and plumbing fixtures, and then it should be a small number of weeks.

I don’t have a schedule for any of this happening, but I believe all the people who are working on it want it to be over.


For those of you who missed it, Maia died last May. She is missed, especially in the current situation. I’m not doing anything like enough walking, and I don’t think it makes sense to adopt a new dog until I have my house back.


Orion is doing his best to be helpful.

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