News of the week of May 2, 2023

098 The fairies sit round on mushrooms


We meet on Tuesdays at 7:45 pm at the home of Wendy Goble and Richard Schmeidler in Arlington Center. Please let me know if you want to come.

Housing report

The electricity is there and the floors are done, and the electrical work is close to done, although I still don’t have an ethernet line between the two floors.

The plumber is supposed to start my finish plumbing on Monday, and the gas company is supposed to connect the gas on Tuesday.

I’ve been having nightmares about moving for almost three years now, and one of them happened Friday. I think it’s all fixable, but it’s going to be days or weeks of hard work.

The people from the storage company showed up as scheduled with a giant truck and four guys. They started bringing things in, and I was telling them what room the things went in. My picture of this was that the furniture would end up where I wanted it, and then I could unpack the boxes onto the shelves and drawers and cabinets I wanted it in.

Unfortunately, they started putting boxes next to the walls where the shelves and drawers will have to eventually go, so the living room and dining room are essentially full of a mix of boxes, bookcases, etc. and there’s no way to unpack the boxes until you move the furniture where it has to go. I think the boxes are all less than 50 pounds, but many of them are much more than I want to move.

When they were taking things upstairs, they usually asked me what room they should go in, and I told them pink, yellow, or blue. But with the pieces of the bed, I don’t think they asked. They just assumed that the large bed should go in the larger and sunnier of the bedrooms. I have tried both rooms and have decided that sunny and a view of the large street are not figures of merit for a bedroom, so I had the good bed in the back bedroom. It was taken apart for the move, and has now been put together in the wrong room.

A complication is that the storage room where I would expect to be able to put boxes that I didn’t want to unpack yet is cluttered with all the stuff that the movers didn’t move back in 2020 because it was quitting time on Friday.

I’m sure I can get some assistance from the contractors, and if I call the storage company, they may even come back and move the bed for me. But I can’t just open some boxes and get the large notebooks that we used to play out of at Cantabile meetings.

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