Garden pictures from May 22, 2016

Alliums coming into bloom.

The alliums do the best of all the bulbs I ordered the year after I bought the condo. I think the others all died out.
Pansies planted this year.

I’m hoping these seed and last forever.
[illies of the valley]
Lillies of the Valley

These my mother gave me a few years ago, and they like it here.
grass in bloom

This is a volunteer grass, which is quite nice when it’s blooming, but I’m going to have to pull some out or it will crowd out the rhubarb.


Mushrooms on May 17, 2012

We had a very hot and dry April in this part of the world, so we were all wondering whether there would be flowers in May at all.

Fortunately, we’ve had a cool, wet May, so there are not only flowers (a lot of the May ones bloomed in April, but we’re getting some of the June roses now) but these mushrooms sprung up on the sidewalk across the street from me.

Garden Pictures from May 27, 2011

I’ve been nursing a geriatric German shepherd through some
intestinal problems, so I haven’t had lots of energy for
gardening. For instance, I didn’t prune the rosebush at all. The
one on the corner of the front yard that was growing into the walk
to the back yard got pruned accidentally by the Newfoundland
downstairs, but the one in my plot has some branches that are
really in my way. But at this point, I’ll wait and cut them off
when they have flowers on them.

As you can see, the alliums are in full bloom. The sedge is
blooming, less spectacularly. The rhubarb is more enthusiastic
than it’s been in the past, and less chewed on. And we have an
unusual number of snails this year.