Sad news

He wakes up a littleSunny on his last morningAftermath

Sunny’s last morning, a set on Flickr.

Sunny was uncomfortable enough to be saying “do something” yesterday morning, so I made him an appointment at the vet. It turned out that his constipation was caused by a massive tumor in his colon, and we decided to put him down.

These are pictures from after I made the appointment. I don’t have one from his last decision about where to lie down in the examining room at the vets — he was famous for figuring out how to be as in the way as possible, and this talent didn’t desert him at the end. He had a whole room to pick from, including a comfortable blanket in the middle of the room, and he lay down in front of the door to make it hard for the vet to get in and out of the room.

I told him how much everybody was going to miss him, and he ate lots of treats and barked at the vet when she took his paw to put in the solution. And then it was over.

Dog Parks

I haven’t posted much about politics in this blog, but there is a political change that’s made a major difference in my life over the last year or so.

Sunny, May 2006 My dog Sunny is well-trained indoors, but by no means impeccable outside when he thinks he knows how to get food. The nearest official dog park to where I live, Fort Washington Park, was for some time enclosed by a fence with several ungated gaps in it. The railroad track between the park and MIT is a hangout for homeless people who make use of the shelter on Albany St. at night. So one of Sunny’s major activities at the park used to be running out on the railroad tracks to steal the food from the homeless people. This was embarrassing to me on any number of levels.

Over the last couple of elections, one of the issues in the Cambridge City Council race has been who is most interested in getting more and better dog parks, and last year, this finally translated into some money for putting in a new gate and closing the other gaps in the Fort Washington Park fence. So now instead of my trying to police a food-obsessed dog, Sunny and I just go to the park and hang out with our friends.