Report on the November 11 meeting

We played:

  • Morley, Arise, get up my deere
  • Cavendish, Come, gentle swains,
  • Dowland:
    • Unquiet thoughts your civil slaughter
    • My thoughts are winged with hopes
    • If my complaints
    • Can she excuse my wrongs
    • Now, o now, I needs must part
    • Burst forth my tears
    • Go, crystall teares
    • Thinkst thou then by thy fayning
    • Come away, come sweet love
  • Rounds:
    • In praise of white wine
    • To Portsmouth


Our regularly scheduled dropin sessions at my place will
happen on Tuesdays starting at 7:45 PM from now until Christmas.
We’ll have to discuss
December 23; I normally leave town then.

At some point after that, meetings will be restricted to the
people performing on the March 1 concert at the Loring-Greenough


If you have opinions on the date the Christmas party should be
held, let me know. For me, Saturday December 13, Saturday
December 20, and Sunday December 21 are all possibilities. If
there aren’t lots of conflicts on December 13, I would think it
might result in a bigger turnout of people who leave town to
celebrate Christmas somewhere else.


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