Report on the November 18 meeting

We played:

  • Duets from Thesaurus Musicus
  • Weelkes:
    • Come, sirrah Jack, ho
    • The Nightingale, the organ of delight
    • O now weep now sing
    • Some men desire spouses
  • Dowland:
    • Thinkst thou then by thy fayning
    • Come away, come sweet love
    • Rest awhile, you cruel cares
    • Sleep, wayward thoughts
    • All ye, whom love or fortune hath
    • Wilt thou unkind thus reave me of my heart,}
  • Purcell, Down with Bacchus


Our regularly scheduled dropin sessions at my place will
happen on Tuesdays starting at 7:45 PM from now until Christmas.
We’ll have to discuss
December 23; I normally leave town then.

At some point after that, meetings will be restricted to the
people performing on the March 1 concert at the Loring-Greenough


Based on the small number of people who responded to my
request for feedback about when to have the party, it looks like Saturday,
December 13 will be the best date. If that isn’t good for you
and you want to come, complain soon, or I’ll start
sending out invitations for then.

I’m now open to feedback
about when it should start. In general, I prefer later, which
gives me more time for cooking and cleaning, but of
course the people who turn into pumpkins at 8:30 want to start
in the middle of the afternoon. So tell me your preferred time,
and I’ll decide something based on consensus.

West Gallery music in context

The West Gallery
, whose membership overlaps heavily with this group,
will be performing at St. Mary’s Church in Newton Lower Falls
this Sunday, in the context of their 10 AM service. If you’re
interested in this music and haven’t gotten to the monthly
workshops where you could play and sing it yourself, this would be a good way to find out
what it’s about. It’s also one of the better ways to hear the
way voices sound with a serpent.

The Cambridge Revels is
using a West Gallery theme this year, and has the Mellstock band
(including Phil Humphries on serpent)
performing with them. Bruce Randall and Renni Boy are also
performing. Tickets will probably sell out soon, so if you want
to go, order your tickets now.


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