Cantabile Christmas Party: December 13, 2008

Come to the Cantabile Renaissance
Band Christmas Party
on December 13, 2008, starting at 4 PM, at Laura
Conrad’s place
, 233
Broadway, Cambridge.

Bring any food or drink you want to share, any instruments you
want to play, and a cheerful voice. If there’s music you
want to do, bring 10 copies or so.

This is a tell everybody you know to bring everybody they know
party. Here are some invitations to print and give
the people you want to invite.

The pictures on the invitation are by Hans
, a contemporary of Durer. The Christmas carol snippet
in the heading is from the West Gallery tune, Shepherds
which represents the opposite tradition in
Christmas art:

No gold nor purple royal shining things

Baldung drew lots of gold and purple royal shining things.

I’ve asked for “consideration” for parking, so don’t worry about parking in the permit only spaces on Broadway, Clark St, and Windsor St.


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