Thanksgiving report

I think people enjoyed themselves. The two women who live with
their daughters seemed to like talking to each other. The food
was unusually good. The wine was good — one of the guests
brought a bottle that I’d intended to try the next time I was
buying wine. The singing after supper was very good.

I didn’t manage to get major housecleaning energy until just
before lunchtime, so not quite everything got done. The major
problem this caused was that I was just getting ready to
recombobulate the kitchen when the first guests showed up, so we
had to run the meal with the counters more cluttered than they
should be. But I had emptied the dishwasher, so cleaning up
went pretty smoothly.

The living room and dining room are now back in their non-party
configuration and much cleaner and less cluttered than they were
yesterday morning. The kitchen still has a ways to go, but
since I don’t have to cook for several days, I can take my time
with it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was at least as good as mine.

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