Three Quarters Done, and Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the three quarter mark on this year of blogging
every day. I’ve been meditating on how I’ll blog when I don’t
have to do it every day.

There will be fewer junk posts because it’s almost lunch time
and I have to write something.

There will also be no posts at all on days I don’t have time to
write one.

But I believe I read books and watch movies with more
concentration because I know I’ll want to write about it later,
and I’ll keep doing that. And I’ll keep writing about the toys
I want to complain about.

This is a short, easy one because I still have housecleaning to
do before I make the turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and
organize the drinks and appetizers. My guests are making most
of the side dishes, but there’s still a lot of work.

So Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re one of the people who
celebrates it today.

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