So I lied…

When I said it was the last
about setting up the new home theater system.

I didn’t know how big of a pain setting up an entry-level
audiophile turntable was going to be.

tonearm with tracking weight and anti-skate mechanism

The directions were both badly written (e.g., referring to the
same piece of hardware as a “scale”, a “stub”, and a “prong”)
and badly illustrated (the only picture was a top view, so
identifying anything sticking up from the turntable was
difficult). They started from the point of view that you knew
what you were trying to do, which in my case was true only in a
very general sense. And there was at least one place where they
were actively wrong (telling you to turn the counterweight
counterclockwise when it should have been clockwise).

I found two things that helped a lot:

  • Putting a strong light on the area made it a lot easier to
    put the small loop in the very thin monofilament nylon thread
    that held the antiskating weight over the stub.
  • Reading this
    was helpful in figuring out what the adjustments were

In any case, once I finally got the Cartridge Downforce
Adjustment correct, the antiskating part worked much better than
I would have guessed from what that tonearm was trying to do
when it was flying all over the place with the wrong weight on
the end.

I’m writing this in the hope that if someone else tries to set
up a Pro-Ject Debut III turntable and gets as frustrated as I
was, google will show them this page and they will see that there is hope.

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