Bon Cop, Bad Cop

I would have enjoyed
a lot more if there hadn’t been quite so much graphic

I’m not saying it was gratuitous violence — part of the point
of the movie is that the cops are violent in roughly the same
way as the criminals. I’m just saying I didn’t enjoy watching
the violence. I almost turned it off after the first scene, and then I
thought I hadn’t yet seen any of what had been recommended to me
about the movie, namely the relationship between the
Quebeçois and the Ontarian policemen. I thought they
might show less violence when describing the police than when
showing the criminals.

In terms of percentages, that was true — part of how the
relationship is developed is having the two cops meet each
others’ families, so you see not only gruesome scenes of murder
and other mayhem but family dinners and teenage ballet

So if you don’t mind gruesome, this is a very well-done movie.
I particularly enjoyed the bilingual nature of the

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