Zoom H2

One of the things I would be doing if I weren’t writing this is
editing the recording of the rehearsal yesterday which we made
on my

It’s one of the digital gadgets that really changes the way I
work as a musician. I’ve had other recording devices before, but
nothing that made it as easy to just record a rehearsal and pull
out the useful parts.

I use the microphone handle adaptor in a microphone stand.
This is because someone told me once that the right way to record
recorders was to get the microphone as high up as possible, and my
stand can be set up pretty high. When it isn’t convenient to lug
the microphone stand somewhere, I just use the little tabletop
adaptor, which fits in the case I use for the recorder. I’m told
that the thread for a lampshade harp also works, but that didn’t
seem to be the case for the one I just tried..

For rehearsals, I don’t use a super-high resolution recording
setting, but I do use wav instead of mp3. I have 4G and 2G SD
cards which I alternate. Then I just turn the recorder on at the
beginning of rehearsal and turn it off at the end.

When I take the card up to my computer, I copy the file(s) into a
directory and fire up audacity. It’s
easy to see where the different songs stop and start, so I just
take the best (hopefully the last) take on each song and export it
as an MP3. Then I email the other people who rehearsed the link
to where the MP3’s are, and everybody can listen and see what they
need to work on.


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