O Christmas Tree

[naked tree]

Here’s the tree as it came from the tree lot in Porter

[tree with angel]

Here it is after I trimmed enough off the top that I could put the angel on
and put it on top of the subwoofer.

And here it is trimmed. For some reason this year I didn’t
feel like putting on the origami cranes I made the first year I
had a tree and needed to make decorations. But you can see some
of the toys and costume jewelery I adapted.

[trimmed tree]
[closeup of tree decorations] width=400
[closeup of decorations] width=400
[closeup of decorations] width=400


[crêche with animals] width=400

I also set up a crêche
that my mother brought me from
Israel. The Thing from the depths of the sea I found on the
sidewalk one Halloween. He fits over a dog toy, and lives in a
box with the angel when he isn’t part of the crêche.

[closeup of crêche]

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