Christmas is coming

I’m trying hard to clear my TODO list of everything that I
can’t do in Fall River. The major thing is that I’d really like
ot mail off the accounting for Bonnie’s estate, so that we can get
that closed by the end of the year.

I wrote the basic document yesterday, and I’m checking all the numbers
for consistency. If I’d known yesterday morning what I know now
about how to use a spreadsheet for that kind of thing, yesterday
would have been easier. But today is still a bit

Anyway, when that’s finished, I go run a couple of errands and
then pack up and go down to Fall River. We’ll have the
Christmas Eve dinner, and the Christmas dinner, and my sister
will have a large party with lots of eating and drinking and
singing and piano playing on Sunday.

I’ve made some progress on dragging
my sister into the 21st century
, so I expect network access
to be pretty good. But if I miss some posts, it will be because
it’s not.

I notice that the number of hits on my websites is already
below normal, so I expect a lot of you won’t be reading this
until you’re back from your seasonal celebrations. But if
you’re reading it before, have a joyful celebrating time.

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