Urban snow architecture

We had about three inches of snow yesterday. It was just
enough to need to plow and shovel, but building a snowman of any
size would have been hard work.

[snow cave]

This snow cave was hollowed out of the pile of snow shoveled
from a sidewalk in front of a convenience store, and plowed from
a fairly wide street. I tried to get Sunny to investigate it so
you could get a better idea of size, but he was more interested
in investigating a nearby candy wrapper. Those are fairly large
dog footprints you see inside it.

It’s the kind of convenience store where people sometimes leave
their dogs tied up in front so they can run in and get
something. (Not Sunny; he gets uncomfortable and when he’s
uncomfortable, he makes the people around him uncomfortable.) So
this cave might have been shelter for a small dog.

I’ll either take up taking my camera on walks more often, or
get a better camera on my next cell phone.

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