The Addams Family (original series)

I’ve had this
on my Neflix Watch Now Queue for a while, but I
noticed it’s going away this week, so I started watching it

It holds up pretty well for something almost half a century
old. It’s amusing to note that the “normal” people brought in
as foils for the wierdness of the Addamses seem almost stranger
than the regulars.

For instance, the truant officer who comes to tell the Addams’s
that they have to send their children to school, holds his Fedora
hat in his hand the whole time he’s inside, and fiddles with it
when things get tense. The school principal, on the other hand,
ghoulishly participates in Morticia and Gomes’ game of inventing
tortures for the Superintendant.

Thing is as good as ever, and the harpsichord playing seems
really good, although of course the instrument isn’t in a class
with the best modern examples. One assumes they had heard the “skeletons copulating on a tin roof” description of the sound before they used it.

If you have Watch Now, and want to see if you’d enjoy the old
series, you should check it out before it goes away on January 7.

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