Semolina and Fennel bread

I originally got this recipe from the Cuisinart Bread Machine
cookbook. The bread machine died, but the cookbook is much
better than the one that came with the cheaper machine I
replaced it with.

I made it last night for the band, and everyone really liked
it. I’m including the original proportions, but last night I
only had 2 cups of Semolina flower (so I used an extra cup of
bread flour), and I used dried cranberries
instead of golden raisins.

Water, room temperature 1 2/3 cups
Sea salt 2 teaspoons
Fennel seed 2 teaspoons
Granulated sugar 1 teaspoon
Semolina flour 3 cups
Bread flour 1 cup
Yeast 2 teaspoons
Golden raisins 3/4 cup

Place water, salt, fennel seed, sugar, semolina flour, bread flour and yeast, in order
listed, in the bread pan.
When the mix-in tone sounds, add the

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