Report on the January 12, 2010, meeting

We played:


Enough people said they’d like to meet next week that there will be a meeting at the usual time (7:45 PM) and place, although I won’t be able to join you much before beer time.

Most of what I do, there are other people in the group that can do at least as well as I can, but I am better than anyone else at finding the music in my house. So if there’s something special you want to do, either print it yourself off the Serpent Publications site, or let me know and I’ll make sure to leave it where someone can find it.

After that, I don’t know of any reason to modify our usual schedule of dropin meetings until we start working on the Walk for Hunger program, probably in April or late March.

But of course, who knows how many more special elections there will be.

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