Massachusetts Senate Race

We’re having an election on Tuesday, to decide who gets the
senate seat that’s vacant because of the death of Ted

For some reason candidates seem compelled to tell the voters
they will vote independantly of their party leaders in some
unspecified circumstances. This clearly not true. There are 100
senators, and on the major votes that get reported in tne papers,
almost none of them cross party lines. The two candidates in
Massachusetts have not demonstrated any more capacity for
independant thought than dozens of the current senators have,
and they won’t cross party lines, either.

This means that the election is essentially an UK-style vote on
the party in power. If you want the seat to stay voting
Democratic, you should vote for Martha Coakley. If you want the
Republican leadership to have another vote, you should vote for
Scott Brown. If you seriously believe it doesn’t make any difference whether the Democrats or the Republicans get the seat, you should stay home.

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