Hugo Awards are announced

year’s awards
were announced last night.

Because the voting took place last June, when I had flu and the
Boston Early Music Festival and my mother got sick and died, I
didn’t blog about them the way I usually do.

There were two things LoneStarCon did differently this year
that cut into my ability to blog:

  • They didn’t really announce when the packet for voters was
    available, so it had probably been up for a few weeks before I
    downloaded it and started reading. So I only read the major
    categories (novel, novella, novellette, short story), and not
    things like related works, and I didn’t get around to watching
    any of the nominated films.
  • They also didn’t send me a copy of how I voted, and so now
    almost three months later, I can’t really tell you except for
    novel. I remember the quality being uniformly pretty good, so I
    had trouble making up my mind on almost everything.

I am disappointed with the result of the novel voting.
Redshirts won, and that was the only one I seriously considered
voting against. (You rank your choices rather than
voting for just one, and one of the choices is “no award”, so I
call it voting against if I rank something behind “no award”.) I
didn’t end up doing that to Redshirts, but I did
think the basic premise was puerile.

Other than that, I thought they were all pretty good. I hadn’t
read any Kim Stanley Robinson before, and I thought
2312 was brilliant, but that the writing was a bit
long-winded. Throne of the Crescent Moon was a
good example of a fantasy set in a non-european (Arab in this
case) environment. Blackout wrapped up the trilogy
with fewer loose ends than I would have expected.

In the end, though, I voted for Captain Vorpatril’s
. I know I’ve declined to vote for previous books
because they were part of a long series, but this one is more
self-contained than most of the Vorkosigan books. It’s true
that you wouldn’t care about the characters as much if you
hadn’t seen them before. But the basic reason I voted for it is
that I just liked it better. It was the only one I’d read
before the packet came out, so I left it to the end, but then I
really decided I had to reread it. I’m not sure I’ll ever want
to reread any of the others.

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