Diana Nyad’s swim

Times article
about Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida is

Not that I’m ever going to assemble a team like that to do
anything, but it is impressive that when she hit a problem she
found an expert to address the problem.

She twice had to stop because of being attacked by jellyfish,
so she found a jellyfish expert, and ended up wearing a special
suit at night and covering her face with anti-jellyfish gel.

She had to give up one attempt because she got an asthma
attack, so this year, she had a pulmonologist on her team.

There’s also a cautionary tale about trying to do this without
enough support staff — a man claims to have done the swim in 1978
with only scuba gear, but he doesn’t have documentation to back it
up, so he doesn’t get the credit.

It also sounds like the weather (maybe aided by her
meterological staff) cooperated. She finished a day earlier than
planned. In still water she does long-distance swimming at the
rate of 1.6 miles per hour, but there were stretches where she was
in a current going 5 miles per hour.

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