Trouble by Fay Weldon

If you remember, the last book I
was heavy going, so I said I’d read something more fun next.

I picked up this
because I used to enjoy reading Fay Weldon, who
in the 80’s was writing light fluffy comedies. She also has the
writing credit for Upstairs, Downstairs, which PBS
is still trying to recreate the success of, but without
understanding what was good about it.

I should have read the Wikipedia article linked above, which says:

During her marriage to Ron Weldon, the couple visited
therapists regularly. They divorced in 1994, after he left her for
his astrological therapist who had told him that the couple’s
astrological signs were incompatible.

This book was written in 1993.

It’s about a couple whose marriage is in trouble after the
husband starts visiting an astrological therapist. Most of the
book is the arguments of the troubled couple. It’s not completely
unfunny, but it certainly isn’t the light reading I promised
myself after Transition.

So I’m rereading Pride and Prejudice next.

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