Candidate meet-and-greet at my house


Two current Cambridge city councillors aren’t running for
re-election, so it’s a wild and crazy race this year. 25
candidates are running for 9 seats.

I usually like to find someone good who’s new to support, and
this year I’ve picked Dennis Carlone, based on the
recommendation of a couple of people who are currently active in
my neighborhood association. He’s an architect and urban planner,
and will bring a level of expertise about development and zoning
issues to the council that is currently missing. My friends also
tell me that he’s been superb in negotiations with developers even
after we’ve lost on the zoning issues in getting them to make
their designs more livable.

So I wrote his campaign a small check, and then we were talking
about what else I could do. I don’t usually put up signs, because
I live in a condo. One time another resident put up a sign for
the Libertarian candidate, and I was really annoyed at him.

But I like throwing parties, so I said I’d invite all my
friends and neighbors to come meet Dennis at my house, and we
settled on Calzones with Carlone on Wednesday,
October 9, at 7:00 PM at 233 Broadway.

If you vote in Cambridge, you’re welcome to come, meet people,
have some good food, and hear what Dennis has to say about what he
can bring to the city council.

Here’s an invitation
that you can print out and give to your friends.


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