How I use the library

Since I’m posting quite a lot here about what I’m reading, I
thought I should mention how I go about acquiring it. By far the
largest set of books I read these days come from the ebook lending
of the Middlesex Library Network. The next largest set
come from Project Gutenberg and other online free books source.
And I do buy some books, both ebooks and dead tree books, of which
maybe more later.

The ebook site is pretty complicated, so I thought I’d mention
the way I’ve eventually settled on how to use it.

  1. Whenever I get an email notice that
    a book I have on hold is available, I log in and take that book
  2. I then look at all the books on my wish list, and take out
    any of those that are currently available I want to have.
  3. Then I look at the new
    menu item, which lists all the ebooks they have in
    reverse order of acquisition. I put anything I might want to
    read on my wish list, and anything I’m sure I want to read as soon
    as possible on my hold list.

If I’m feeling insecure about where the next book I read is
coming from, I do steps 2 and 3 even if I can’t do step 1.

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