Lighted a cabinet

When I had my kitchen redone in 1996, I put in a cabinet with glass
doors and interior lighting for displaying my glassware. The
problem with the incandescent light bars my contractor used was
that they burned out after a year or two, and I had to go to Home
Depot to replace them, and so it was frequently not lit at

So I decided that in this day and age, one should use LED’s for
that kind of application, and they wouldn’t burn out for a long

After poring over the descriptions I ordered Hitlight
warm white flexible ribbon strip lights
and a transformer,
and a portable
mini dimmer.
I also had to go to the hardware store and buy
an outlet, since the previous lights had attached with wire nuts,
and the transformer has a regular plug.

It turns out that it was a good thing I took the advice in the
Amazon review and got the dimmer — I don’t think this picture
does justice to the Las Vegas atmosphere of the lights on full

Cabinet with led strip lights on full blast.

But I think I’ll like them a bit dimmer, although I wasn’t
expecting the curves of reflected dots.

KItchen cabinet with LED strip lights dimmed.

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