Sammy retires

Sammy on November 17, 2013.

Since Saturday (three days now), Sammy seems to have decided it isn’t any longer his job to take me on a long walk in the morning. Not that they’ve been being so very long, but now he seems to think it’s fine to just go to the park across the street and come home, and he previously always wanted to go to at least one other park, and sometimes several. He’d sometimes be reluctant to leave the comfort of his couch and go out, but once he was out, he always seemed happy to stay out for a good length of time.

Last night he was having enough trouble walking that I wondered if there was an injury, but I don’t see any other sign of that, and this morning he just seems stiff, not injured.

I’ve been sorry I didn’t record the date Sunny (my previous dog) retired as a watchdog. So I’m here recording November 16, 2013 as the date Sammy retired as a dog who likes long walks.

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