Networking success

I told you I was having trouble getting my sister’s computer upgraded to a modern setup.
We now have a wireless router installed. I can connect wirelessly to the network via her desktop on windows and linux, and via my laptop on Linux.
I tried installing her new monitor, but it turns out to be DOA.
Linux is running her display at 800×640, so it isn’t very usable. If her new monitor worked, I would play with this more, but since she doesn’t use it, and I have the laptop, this doesn’t make sense to waste time on now.
You can complain about computers being user-unfriendly, but networking is definitely lots easier than it used to be. When I set up my router at home with the new Comcast connection, I had to manually clone the mac address from the computer Comcast had originally connected to to the router. If that happened here, it was transparent to the user.
Of course, it doesn’t look like you would be able to set up this router from Linux at all, unless there’s some magic screen on the network interface I haven’t found. But maybe you could run the setup program under WINE.

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