Phone and electric outlets

My mother’s house, where I’m staying until tomorrow morning, was buit in 1948. At that time, phones came from the phone company and ran on power that came down the phone line.
So nobody thought it was necessary to put a power outlet next to the telephone connection.
This started being a problem when my mother decided she wanted a cordless phone, which needed its base plugged in.
It’s now more of a problem now that they have DSL, and would like both the DSL modem and the wirless router plugged in.
I’m thinking about this problem because the current solution isn’t going to work this afternoon when 30-40 people come over for my sister’s Christmas party.
The right answer would have been to install an electric outlet where the original phone was, which is a corner of the hall central to the first floor of the house, with a smal table quite resonable for holding the mobile phone base, the DSL modem, and the wirless router. But instead of doing something that reasonable, they’ve been stringing electric cables around the corner to the kitchen and through the bathroom door, as well as an ethernet cable across the hall and into the guest bedroom.
They have of course also strung phone cables to various other places in the house, so I’m about to go see if any of those places have enough electric outlets that I can move the DSL stuff there.
If not, we’ll be off the internet from whenever we take things down until whenever we put them back, or in my case, whenever I get back to Cambridge.

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