Chopin Preludes

[circle of fifths]

My sister’s party yesterday was a success. She starts it by
playing about an hour of piano music. This year the big piece
was a selection of Chopin Preludes.

I knew there were 24 of them, in all the major and minor keys.
I hadn’t realized he had arranged them in the Circle of
The book starts with C major and A minor, and goes
around until the end is F major and d minor.

This March is Chopin’s 200th birthday, and she’s planning a big
all-Chopin concert for February 21, which may feature a
performance of all 24 preludes, but she hasn’t learned them all
yet, and in any case, she had other music she wanted to play for
her one hour. But she played a good chunk, and some of the ones
she skipped, she played the beginning and end of so that we
could hear how they fit with the ones before and after.

People who experience music or literature as excerpts from an
anthology often don’t get the idea of many short works being
part of a larger whole. I’d never realized that before about the
Chopin Preludes, and I know lots of people who never saw it
about the Morley Canzonets.

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