Pictures from Christmas in Fall River

They had a tree:

[Christmas Tree]

And a crêche:


They put more energy into decorating than I do, so there are
also things like this mobile:

[mobile of illuminated birds]

They also do a lot of baking. Here’s the baba after its
second rising:

[baba sponge]

I wasn’t in a good position to take pictures at the party when
all 40 people were trying to cram into the living room, so I
don’t have one of Judy
playing Chopin
, but here’s one of our friend Harold playing
Christmas carols:


And here are a bunch of everybody being zonked after the
party. Judy had the best reason to be zonked:

[Judy after party]

Monte didn’t have as good a reason, but if you’d barked as
strenuously as he did at the beginning of the party to make sure
all 40 people knew it was his house, you’d be zonked

Monte zonked

Sunny doesn’t look so zonked, but he is anxious:


My mother, with 80 years of experience throwing parties, hardly looks zonked at


We don’t know why Teddy was zonked:

[Teddy zonked]

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