News of the week of February 4, 2014

Meeting report: February 4

We played:


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays on 7:45 pm at my place.

Performing schedule

Church Service

We’ve been asked to perform on April 6 at the Community Church of
for their 11am service. I’m thinking we might do some
of the Guerrero we’ve been enjoying.

Walk for Hunger

We have again been invited for the same slot as we’ve had since
1998 or so. This will be 10am until 3 pm on Sunday, May 4 on the
Charles River at the Cambridge-Watertown line. I’m thinking we’ll repeat whatever we end up
performing on April 6, and add some Spring music.

Signing up

If you want to perform at either or both of the above places,
please let me know. I can’t decide on repertoire until I know
who’s coming.

Exactly how much rehearsing for how long of a program (on May
4) is negotiable, but please plan on coming at least to the
rehearsal immediately preceding the performance. If you don’t
play with us regularly and know all our music, you should probably
come to a few more
rehearsals than that.

Other events

Delight Consort at Loring-Greenough

The Delight Consort will be performing a Presidents’
Day Special Program
at the Loring-Greenough House, 12 South Street,
Jamaica Plain, MA, on February
16 at 3pm.

Aria di Commedia

Renaissonics and “Pazzi Lazzi” will perform An Evening of
Commedia dell’Arte and Italian Renaissance Music
on February 21 at
7PM at the Fenway Center of Northeastern University.

News of the week of January 28, 2014

Meeting report: January 28

We played:


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays on 7:45 pm at my place.

News of the week of January 15, 2014

Meeting reports

Meeting of January 7, 2014

We played:

Meeting of January 14, 2014

We played:


We resume our usual meetings on Tuesdays on 7:45 pm at my place.

Other events

for Viols and Friends
will perform the complete Dowland
Lachrimae at 8pm on Saturday January 25 and 3 pm on Sunday January

Convivium Musicum will
perform Puccini’s Tosca with the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra
on Sunday January 19, and a program entitled “Lost” on January 25
and 26.

Schedule for the week of January 7

No meeting reports
since we haven’t had a meeting since the last one. There was a
snow storm, and then it was Christmas Eve, and then it was New
Year’s Eve.

Regular meeting

There will be a meeting as usual tomorrow
night, January 7, at 7:45pm but my furnace isn’t working, so it
will be at Stuart’s. He lives at 1328 Broadway, Unit #2, in
Somerville, and his phone number is (617) 776-0065.

Another party

Although we just had a party, we’ve decided it’s time for
another one. Barney Gage will be in town for the weekend, so
anyone who wants to is welcome to come over to my place on Sunday
evening, January 12. Some of us will be at West Gallery in Newton
Highlands until 5, so the party can’t get started until 6 or so.

We will do some combination of eating, drinking, playing,
singing, and telling war stories. Let me know if you want to come
and whether you’re bringing food.

News of the week of December 10, 2013

I’ve been counting votes in Cambridge instead of putting out
meeting reports, so here are several.

Meeting report, November 26

  • Loeillet, Sonata in A minor
  • Hymn tune warmups
  • Byrd, O Lord my God
  • Palestrina, Vestiva i Colli
  • Adieu mes amours, Des Prez, Moutons
  • Guerrero, Adios me amor
  • Cavendish, Come, gentle swains

Meeting report, December 3

  • Lots of Susato
  • Des Pres, Mille regrets
  • Susato, Les miens aussi
  • Lassus, Bonjours mon coeur
  • Certon, Chantons Noël
  • Praetorius, Lo how a rose
  • Star in the east

Meeting report, December 10

  • Deloach, A Baroque Christmas
  • Gaudeamus Pariter
  • Quem Pastores Laudavere
  • Arbeau, Bransle Officiele
  • Praetorius, Psallite, Von Himmel Hoch, In dulci jubilo, Puer
  • Josquin, Adieu mes amours, Mille regrets, O Venus bant
  • Carols


We will meet as usual on December 17.

We will not meet on December 24.

I’m easy about meeting on December 31, but I would expect most
poeple to feel that they had something either more exciting or
less exciting that they’d prefer to do that evening, given we’re
having the party on January 1. Let me know by the December 17
meeting if you would like to come over on December 31. And
consider it a commitment – I’ll be annoyed if I turn down
invitations or don’t go to First Night and then nobody
shows up. I’ll schedule a meeting if at least two people want one.

The Christmas party is on January 1 at 4 PM. Please invite all
your friends, especially people you feel might be interested in
joining us on Tuesdays some of the time.

After that, we will resume meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place.

News of the week of November 19, 2013

Meeting report

We played:


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place.

Please remember to let me know whether you’re coming or not (or
if you’ve already said, if what you’ve said changes).

Other events

Coro Flauto Dolce Gala Concert

Twelve Renaissance Recorders!
works of
Josquin, Gervaise, Morley, Praetorius, Vecchi, Viadana, and more

Thursday, December 12,

Jewett Hall,
First Church in Cambridge,
11 Garden Street,
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Admission Free ~ Donations Appreciated. For more information email
John Tyson or call him at
(617) 460-4653.

Lighted a cabinet

When I had my kitchen redone in 1996, I put in a cabinet with glass
doors and interior lighting for displaying my glassware. The
problem with the incandescent light bars my contractor used was
that they burned out after a year or two, and I had to go to Home
Depot to replace them, and so it was frequently not lit at

So I decided that in this day and age, one should use LED’s for
that kind of application, and they wouldn’t burn out for a long

After poring over the descriptions I ordered Hitlight
warm white flexible ribbon strip lights
and a transformer,
and a portable
mini dimmer.
I also had to go to the hardware store and buy
an outlet, since the previous lights had attached with wire nuts,
and the transformer has a regular plug.

It turns out that it was a good thing I took the advice in the
Amazon review and got the dimmer — I don’t think this picture
does justice to the Las Vegas atmosphere of the lights on full

Cabinet with led strip lights on full blast.

But I think I’ll like them a bit dimmer, although I wasn’t
expecting the curves of reflected dots.

KItchen cabinet with LED strip lights dimmed.